Terms and conditions of sale

  1. New regulation F - GAS-517/2014

1-1. the handling of fluorinated gas is now subject to the new 2014-517/F - GAS regulation. This law and its restrictions apply only to (> 1400) high GWP gases.


1-2 If the customer has a license of fluoride gas manipulator, he is obliged to send it to us in the process of purchase, by e-mail or the form that will be received with the merchandise. It is also possible to write in the notes of the command or through the contact form.

1-3 If the customer doesn't have a license to handle fluorinated gas, buying is possible only if the customer declares that the product is intended for activities not listed in art. 10 of the 2014-517/EEC law, as confirmed by the Ministry of the environment local (in cooperation with the European Community) for the high GWP gases. In this case, the customer assumes full legal responsibility for a false statement.

1-4 Refrigerant GF shows that under the new law, we have to keep the book of sales with the names of customers and the quantity purchased. The register is available to the authorities on request.

1-5 Examples of activities not included in art. 10 of the Act F - GAS-517/2014: resale, transportation, export outside the EU, first loading systems sealed (for manufacturers / OEMs), laboratory tests, etc.

1-6 We reserve the right to make changes to these terms of sale at any time and without notice. It is your responsibility to read these general conditions of sale before you send each purchase order. All amended terms will take effect on the date on which they are published on this site.

1-7 Any order implies the acceptance of the present general conditions of sale. In addition to being subject to control, they can be cancelled prior to any shipment, without compensation on the part of the buyer for typographical error, and exceptionally for price change presented by the manufacturers of the products, because of changes on the market and for variations in raw materials, the update of the catalogues or lack of stock / availability. A demand for a product of a price of €0 will never be processed, considering it is a typographical error. According to which an order can be cancelled is governed by a minimum percentage, and anyway, if you want to confirm your order before you run it, you can do so by e-mail before you run it.

Delivery time

  • Spain: 24-72h
  • France: 2-3 working days
  • Portugal: 24-72h
  • Italy: 3-4 working days
  • Germany: 3-4 working days


Our company is not responsible for the failure of delivery due to a missing recipient, wrong address/zip code for your order, name on the intercom, missing intercom code or similar problems. On the other hand, in these cases the customer will have to worry and bear the costs of telephone calls to the carrier's customer service to obtain information and / or request new attempts to deliver the goods.

Our company is not responsible for loss/damage/theft for which you have to sue the carrier. Shipping rates added at checkout do not include any insurance. However, if you file a formal claim within 30 days against the carrier and this confirms the problem, our company may proceed to another shipment.

During the summer months, deliveries may take longer than expected due to high demand for orders.

Our company is not responsible for delays in delivery due to cases of force majeure, fortuitous events, carrier errors or temporary unavailability of the ordered goods.


  • Orders of 1 to 4 bottles of 10 to 12 pounds are understood and considered a small amount.
  • These orders are shipped using standard boxes the next business day after receipt of payment.
  • The delivery time can vary from 2 to 5 working days (depends on the country and postal code).
  • The tracking number is available and sent to your e-mail after shipment.


  • The command of a large gas bottle (40-60 kg - net weight) or several gas cylinders with a total weight of gas equal to or greater than 50 kg net.
  • These orders are usually shipped on pallets the next business day after receipt of payment.
  • Delivery is made by bulk carriers.
  • The delivery time can vary from 4 to 7 business days (depends on the country and postal code).
  • The tracking number is not directly available to customers. However, our customer service can provide additional shipping information if the customer does not receive the goods on time.


Our store can offer free delivery for large quantities according to the command.


The products benefit from a withdrawal period of purchase of 10 working days from delivery. If the goods are not returned in perfect condition, 100% of the price will not be returned. Original packaging, and the customer taking care of the return costs. Returns without the original packaging will not be accepted under any circumstances.

We will provide you with return instructions by email or phone.

Claims after 24 hours will not be accepted.

Cancellations of orders involving a return to the Customer will have a maximum period of 30 days for administrative procedures. The return costs are the responsibility of the customers.


The net gas weight guarantee will apply if the valve seal is intact.

With regard to underweight (or overweight), we advise that filling systems operate within the standard commercial tolerance of 2.5% due to variations in operating temperature.

Means of payment

  • Credit card: sending will be processed the day after receipt of payment. Limit of € 2000.
  • PayPal: sending will be processed the day after its receipt, without payment to the customer fees. Limit of €2000.
  • Bank transfer: we accept domestic and international transfers. You will receive information at the end of the command, transfer fees are paid by the customer to the Bank. Orders will be processed as soon as we see the deposit to our bank account and that the shipment will be processed.


Our company being an intra-Community operator, all orders and all payments are processed without VAT and without special taxes outside the Spanish territory.

You must correctly register your business in our database.

Local regulations relating to electronic commerce do not imply that the bill must be sent to individuals.

Contact: [email protected]

Calle Bellavista nº5 08358 – Arenys de Munt
Barcelone, Espagne.

Large quantities: For a detailed estimate, you must send us the type of gas you need, the detailed amount in kg and the data of the company (VAT number / VAT ...).

Legal Policy

Name (Company Name): REFRIGERANTGF
Adress: CALLE DOEDAS N.58 3º 4ª ARENYS DE MAR CP: 08350
Email: [email protected]
NIF: 38834153X