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R507A 10kg

R507A is a long-term and more efficient alternative to replace R-22 and R-502 refrigerants in existing low and medium temperature systems. But unlike these, this HFC gas does not damage the ozone layer, has low toxicity and is not flammable.

Its refrigeration capacity is higher than its predecessors under certain conditions, but its discharge temperatures are lower, so in the long term, it allows the compressor to last longer.

R507A is only compatible with POE synthetic oils, so in existing equipment that uses other types of lubricants, it will be necessary to replace them.

This refrigerant gas can also be used in new refrigeration systems (low / medium temperature) and the applications where it offers high performance are very wide: rooms, display cases and cold rooms, flooded systems, machines and skating rinks, fishing boats and beverage dispensers, among others.

Gas of high quality99.9% pure gas

  • Valve output connection: 1/4″.
  • Rechargeable container with tap.
  • Quantity net 10kg

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Price: on demand