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R449A 10kg Opteon® XP40

Opteon® XP40 is based on a mixture of HFC / HFO (hydro-fluoro-olefins) and offers an excellent alternative to meet all the necessary requirements of Regulation EC 517/2014 (F-Gas) to reduce the environmental impact of the systems refrigeration. , allowing at the same time an easy and fast conversion without change of the existing R-404A / R-507 systems.
Opteon® XP40 is a refrigerant designed for new installations and for the replacement of R-404A and R-507 in medium and low temperature installations. The cooling capacity of the Opteon® XP40 is similar to that of the R-404A and R-507.

Gas of high quality 99.9% pure gas

  • Valve output connection: 1/4″.
  • Rechargeable container with tap.
  • Quantity net 10kg

Once the purchase is made, the bottle belongs to the customer.

Technical sheet

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