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R427a 10kg

The R427A refrigerant gas is a combination of HFCs developed by Arkema as a simplified adaptation solution for R-22 installations in a wide range of applications. It can be used to modernize low, medium and high temperature refrigeration equipment, as well as air conditioning systems. R427A gas has the lowest PCA (GWP) of the replacement replacement refrigerants for R-22.

This R-22 substitute is offered for the conversion of existing R-22 systems for which a zero ODP solution is requested. The R427A gas is a mixture of HFCs with the basic components R-32, R-125, R-143a, R-134a. Despite the composition of the mixture based on pure HFC refrigerants, the manufacturer indicates that a simplified conversion procedure is possible.

In terms of cooling capacity, pressure levels, mass flow and vapor density, the R427A gas is relatively close to the R-22 refrigerant. During modernization, essential components, such as regulators, may remain in the system. Due to the high proportion of components in the low adiabatic exponent mixture, the temperature of the discharge gas R427A is considerably lower than that of R-22, which has a positive effect at high compression ratios.

This R427A gas is compatible with the plastics and elastomers of R-407C and R-404A, and for its draining it requires the original oil of the system and the replacement by a POE oil.

Gas of high quality99.9% pure gas

  • Valve output connection: 1/4″.
  • Rechargeable container with tap.
  • Quantity net 10kg

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