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R422D 10kg

The R422D gas consists of a mixture of non-azeotropic gases, composed of R125, R134A and R600. It has no depletion of the ozone layer, so it is used as a substitute for R22 in applications where it works with average to positive evaporation temperatures, being also compatible with the mineral oil of the installation.

R422D gas can be used in direct expansion systems, as long as it is within the temperatures we have already mentioned, also in the domestic air conditioner for the operation of your system, as well as in industrial refrigeration systems.

R422D refrigerant gas is recommended in water chillers that coincide with R22 in terms of performance and performance, also providing energy savings which reduce the greenhouse effect of gases and the cost of using the equipment, in terms of safety R44D gas is from group A1 L1, so it is not flammable. It should always be transferred from the bottle in the liquid phase.

Gas of high quality99.9% pure gas

  • Valve output connection: 1/4″.
  • Rechargeable container with tap.
  • Quantity net 10kg

Once the purchase is made, the bottle belongs to the customer.

Price: on demand