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R407H 10kg - Daikin

R407H refrigerant gas is an HFC gas that replaces R-404A, R-507 and R22 refrigerants in existing equipment, but without damaging the ozone layer, like its predecessors.

It is a more durable and effective product, and in fact it presents an A1 group L1 safety classification, a regulation that corroborates its low toxicity and is not flammable.

All of these features make the R407H a more environmentally friendly and energy efficient alternative for commercial and industrial cold systems - cold rooms, shop windows, food storage systems or ice machines - as well as for industrial refrigerated transport vehicles.

In addition, compared to the R404A, its GWP (Atmospheric Heating Potential) is 61.88% lower.

It can be used for new equipment and for reconditioning existing systems, and is compatible with POE synthetic oils for low- and medium-temperature applications.

Gas of high quality99.9% pure gas

  • Valve output connection: 1/4″.
  • Rechargeable container with tap.
  • Quantity net 10kg

Once the purchase is made, the bottle belongs to the customer.

Price: on demand

Technical sheet

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