Nitrogen 11 L 178 N2 STD GAS

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Nitrogen (N2) is the main part of the Earth’s atmosphere, accounting for 78.08% of the total volume. It is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic and almost completely inert gas. It can be stuffy in high concentrations. Nitrogen is produced in large quantities in air separation plants. A second purification process may be necessary if very high purity levels are required. Membrane techniques can also be used to recover nitrogen in weaker purities. Pressure oscillation adsorption (PSA) techniques are satisfied with medium to high purities. One of the main uses of nitrogen is for covering, purging and bubbling in the food and chemical industries. It can also be found in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) for groceries. In liquid form, it is an agent for freezing food, storing biological material, cryosurgery and cryogenic grinding of plastics and rubbers, for example.

Quality of gas – 99.9% pure gas

11L loaded cylinder for gas Industrial nitrogen (N2).

  • Volumetric capacity: 11 liters (2200 l of gas).
  • Diameter: 178 mm.
  • Working pressure: 200 bar.
  • With standard faucet for French market.
  • Screws 21.7 mm x 1/14" Straight.
  • Concave bottom.
  • Protective tulip included.
  • Painted according to UNE-EN 1089.
  • Gas load INCLUDED.
  • Weight: 18,60Kg

The color of the bottles may vary.

Once the purchase is made, the bottle belongs to the customer.

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Additional information

Weight 18.60 kg
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